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Zodiac Symbol Tattoos

Zodiac Symbol Tattoos - the Personality Tattoos
Tattoos that use the zodiac symbols are a great way to make some permanent art on your body, and you'll find that with just a little bit of work, you'll be able to move forward and find some excellent art that can immediately signify everything that you want it to. When you are looking for a way to put some really gorgeous art on your body, you'll find that the zodiac symbol tattoos are a terrific way to do that.

If you are thinking about getting some zodiac symbol tattoos, you'll find that you have many options. The first and most simple option is to take a look at the highly simplified characters that make up a zodiac sign tattoos. For instance, the Sagittarius tattoo is the sign of the Archer, and because of this, it is often represented as an arrow, while the Taurus tattoo, the sign of the Bull, is represented by a circle and horns at the top, representing the head of the animal. These simple symbols are perfect when you are looking into putting zodiac art on your skin.

Take, for instance, the symbol of the Lion, Leo. You'll find that you can very easily have this symbol put on your skin as a real Lion tattoo, and that you'll be able to move forward fairly quickly and have the art created that will reflect your aims. You may choose to reflect the strength or the endurance of this sign, or you might choose to depict it as courageous and unwilling to hide.

Chinese zodiac symbol tattoos are quite popular and can be quite lovely, whether you go with some broad black linework, or you choose to go ahead and get the Chinese characters themselves. Take a look and see what aspects of this zodiac match your personality and your aims.

Tattoo of zodiac symbols seem to be the most popular choice for those looking to etch their body for the first time. Yes…apart from being the most widely used body art piece, astrological signs are also regarded by many as dowdy and boring due to the abundance of generic looking symbols easily available in cyberspace.

I have to respectfully disagree with the former as tattoo of zodiac symbols are very personal as they make great representation of who you are and furthermore, they are time tested thus will never go out of style. If you hate the idea of etching your body permanently with clip-art designs, it’s high time you stop browsing those generic tattoo sites, and make a decision. So here are few ways to spice up the symbol of your choice:
Combine your zodiac symbol with a realistic custom design. If you’re a Scorpio for instance, merge the typical symbol with a highly detailed rendition of a scorpion.
Combine western and Chinese zodiac. You can come up with some nifty designs by fusing western and Chinese zodiac together – to quote an example, my tattoo artist was born under the sign of the lion and dragon respectively. He has an amazingly cool tattoo of a Chinese dragon and a lion facing one another with a large star in between them. Check out online tattoo databases. At online databases, you can come across lot of unique tattoo of zodiac symbols. They are what I call the “little-known places” to acquire gorgeous designs that simply can’t be found in those generic tattoo sites.
Combine two different zodiac symbols. Not only it’ll make for a great looking tattoo design, it’ll also save you the horror of spending your hard-earned bucks on cover-ups or removal surgery in case things don’t work out between the both of you.
Doing a series of rough doodles can really get the creative juice flowing and before you know it – you’d have come with up a bunch of sleek modifications to spice up any tattoo of zodiac symbols that you see on the Web.

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