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Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos: Drew Barrymoore
Well it is another Wednesday so that means it is celebrity tattoo time. This week I picked Drew Barrymore because she hasa collection of 6 tattoos at the moment. Drew’s tattoos consist of a bouquet of flowers on the left side of her hip.
On her stomach she has a butterfly tattoo which is probably her most well known tattoo. On the lower part of her right leg she has a fairly large tattoo of a cross with vines surrounding it. Like most tattooed people you fall in love with your tattoos and love to talk and share them with people. Here’s what she said:

“I love my tattoos, which are like permanent make-up.
Christina Aguilera Tattoos
Since it is Wednesday it is time for another celebrity tattoo post. It’s been reported that she buys special make up to cover up her tattoos because Hollywood still sees tattoos as a no no if you have too many.

Anyways, Christina has “Xtina” tattooed on the back of her neck, small sort of very small flower on her wrist, an unknown design on you bikini line, a tattoo on her left forearm that reads “Te Amo Siempre” which is Spanish for “I love you always”. Christina says that her and Jordan decided to get tattoo for each other as wedding presents.
Johnny Depp Tattoos
It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another edition of celebrity tattoos. Well if you are a fan of Johnny Depp you know that he has quit a bit of tattoos.

Johnny has 14 known tattoos to date. The most famous of those 14 is probably the Wino Forver tattoo he has on his arm. Johnny also has several tattoos that pertain to his family. He has Lily Rose his daughters name tattooed over his heart. He has his son’s name Jack tattooed his forearm with a Sparrow flying over water above that one.

Johnny also has some random tattoos on his body. Johnny also has a skull and cross bones tattoo on his lower right leg that reads death is certain and some sort of symbol or something on his right ankle.
Joaquin Phoenix Tattoos
So you know what that means……celebrity tattoo time. The reason being because he only hasone tattoo that I feel certain that most people do not even know that he has a tattoo. Anyways Joaquin has one very simple yet kind of odd tattoo under his right bicep. It is a badly drawn circle.

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